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Our Goals

At Bright Light Leadership we understand that leading a team or a dental practice, a business or a company is a unique skill - and one that requires nurturing, development and support. 

That's why we were founded - with a very specific purpose; 

"To help great businesses become excellent. To help excellent businesses become brilliant. And to help brilliant businesses sustain themselves. By doing this we will enhance profitability, increase economic prosperity, improve personal resilience and bring the joy back to doing business."

Our history

Bright Light Leadership was founded by the Managing Director of a UK-wide health business who had undertaken the role for 16 years. As an award-winning leader, including the Inspirational Leader Award from the Sunday Times "Best 100 Companies to Work For" awards, it's not simply a matter of providing "training"-  it's about combining your skills and insights with the experience and insight that can only be gained by taking responsibility for running a company. The highs. The lows. Sometimes the grinding normality! The joys of taking responsibility for delivering a result. And the disappointments that need to be managed along the way.

So we've sought to "crystallise" this leadership experience into a series of support programmes - all rooted in the practical challenges of business and ensuring that it's you who does the shining.

Our mission

We believe that effective leadership can genuinely TRANSFORM the fortunes of an organisation. It can unlock potential in your teams and colleagues that your competitors will struggle to match. 

For small and medium-size businesses it can bring a clarity and purpose to the company that ensures that all activities are effectively aligned. 

It can improve staff engagement, retention and wellbeing and make a meaningful difference to the company's performance. Some research suggests as much as a 30% improvement in business performance from effective leadership.

This is not leadership "for the sake of it": this is truly Transformational Leadership!

Where can we support YOU?

Short Term Support

Sometimes within a leadership role there's a need for a short, sharp, targeted programme of support. It could be focused around a big business issue, it could be about a re-structuring or it could be about developing and embedding a strategy. It could be about producing a Business Plan or a big presentation.

It's not to say that these are single points in time but it is to say that there's sometimes a need for a specific level of "additional" support to either get things moving or maintain momentum.

We work with Leaders to provide specific and targeted support to allow them to maximise their own effectiveness. And then we're gone... (leaving behind a comprehensive Action Plan for you to consider, naturally).

Leadership Development Programme

Sometimes what's required is a more ongoing programme of support for Leaders. To be able to work alongside someone who will provide an external perspective on some of the challenges that you're facing. Someone who will provide you with an additional perspective to the business opportunities that you're seeing and who will help by providing new insights and some potentially fresh thinking on a more regular basis.

We guarantee that this activity will align with your business strategy because we'll take the time to understand what it is - so you can maximise your own personal contribution to your business success.

Events and Training

We also run "standalone" Leadership Development Training - which can be personalised to your specific requirements and delivered with the full engagement of your team.

Topics include;

  • Developing and implementing a strategy.
  • Identifying your organisation's Purpose and leading for that purpose
  • Personal Leadership resilience
  • The Values-based Leader
  • Team leadership and generating genuine team engagement
  • Communicating as a Leader - unleashing your potential

And all of these come with our (c) "Guaranteed No Role-Play" commitment!

So give us a ring if you're considering some forward-thinking Leadership Training.

How can we support YOU?

Conference and meeting speaker

We can provide a tailored presentation, focused around Leadership, for your conference, company meeting or team event. 

This is often helpful to prompt new thinking and to inspire people to consider how they can change and adapt their leadership style to help deliver the company's strategy.

Presentation topics include;

  • The 8 key elements of Leadership
  • Encouraging Leadership at all levels
  • The 6 key ways to improve your Leadership
  • Current Leadership Trends
  • Servant Leadership and moving your team forward
  • The 5 secrets of Transformational Leadership
  • Poor Leadership - What is it and how do you prevent it?

Ongoing Support Programme

Each of our individual 121 programmes are different - because they're tailored around your own individual requirements. 

However our Premier Programme includes;

  • Monthly online/Skype meetings
  • Quarterly face-to-face meetings
  • Unlimited e:mail and telephone access
  • Clear action plan and support in developing your own leadership style
  • Leadership strengths audit
  • Strategy review programme - connecting your business's strategy with your leadership focus

Structured Leadership Development Programme

For Leaders who want to ensure that their leadership style is absolutely aligned to their business needs we have a structured development programme which starts with the key focus - developing your business.

This programme includes a number of key steps to be taken including;

  • Developing a vision and clarity of purpose
  • Embedding your purpose
  • Team communication and engagemnt
  • Measuring your progress
  • Clarity and transparency
  • Listening and Hearing
  • Delivering concrete business results

Keeping YOU up-to-date


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Local events and Seminars

Throughout the year we will be running a series of local seminars focusing entirely around the challenges of being a Leader and how to develop truly great Leadership skills.

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